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How do the incoming students describe their Romanian Erasmus+ experience?


  Felix Mark


There are many reasons why I chose to study abroad and why especially in Romania at SNSPA. Of course, I was fascinated by the idea of traveling and discover a new country and culture while studying as well. It’s just a bunch of great experiences I made during my ERASMUS semester from October 2015 until February 2016.

What did I do? I am studying “Communication and PR”. At SNSPA I had to attend the Master courses which was a great adventure for me. In my case I had the possibility to combine my study with work. I absolved a four week internship, required by university. I did it in a networking agency during December. And the best thing: I will stay in contact with that company to work on future projects. Additionally I realized a collaboration project with my company (360HUB) and SNSPA. Particularly here I could gain my practical knowledge and apply the theoretical inputs I got over the last years.

Why Romania? In fact, I wanted to see something totally different from what I am used to as a German. In my country it’s common to go to Spain, England and France etc. But my intention was to expand my horizon by getting to know East European regions. Bucharest is the perfect geographical position to visit other countries in East Europe. Thus I made different road trips, e.g. through Bulgaria, Serbia and Bulgaria.

I don’t want to miss this chapter of my life and recommend it highly to everyone. If you are interested to gain experiences academically, socially and personally, then go for it! You will also create a huge network of people from all over the world. These memories that will stay for the rest of your life.