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Research interests:

The main research interests of the members affiliated to the Applied Semiotics and Communication Lab (MSL) focus on:

  • the role and application of semiotic theories in communication sciences / analysis of discursive strategies of social actors, etc.;
  • the interdisciplinary aspect of semiotic-type approaches which allow a deeper understanding of complexity of meaning construction operations in various communication situations such as: political semiotics, with focus on representations of power, manifestation of power-relations in different semiotic systems; social semiotics with semiotic studies of society, understood as a form of enquiry of meaning-making as a social practice, the study of social space, etc.; semiotics & ethnography focusing on how people understand their own signs or signifying practices, to explore the distinctive negotiations of signs in specific cultures, opening up opportunities to connect with various audiences and create new perceptual realities; cultural semiotics which opens the research perspective in semiotics of film, semiotics of literature, translation semiotics, and on multimedia; etc.
  • research methodologies in the field of semiotics in order to develop critical and strategic thinking, innovation and creativity.

Besides research activities, we assume an active role in:

  • Promoting the integrity of semiotics as scientific research;
  • Reinforcing collaborations with similar associations;
  • Organising conferences and workshops both at the national and international level (e.g. Semiosis in Communication: Differences and Similarities, second edition. Bucharest, June 2018).