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Research interests:

  • the role and application of semiotic theories in communication sciences;
  • the interdisciplinary aspect of semiotic-type approaches which allow a deeper understanding of complexity of meaning construction operations in various communication situations such as: political semiotics; social semiotics & multimodality; semiotics & ethnography; cultural semiotics; etc.
  • research methodologies in the field of semiotics in order to develop critical and strategic thinking, innovation and creativity.

Besides research activities, we assume an active role in:

  • Promoting the integrity of semiotics as scientific research;
  • Reinforcing collaborations with similar associations;
  • Organising conferences and workshops both at the national and international level

Projects / International Projects / Research Grants & Mini Grants:

 (1) Starting from September 2021 and until July 2025 - Nicolae-Sorin Drăgan is involved as Secondary Proposer (Member) in the European Project EU - COST | European Cooperation in Science and Technology: Fake Advanced Technology in Digital and Internet Communication (FATIDIC), together with Bianca-Florentina Cheregi, FCRP, SNSPA - Proposal Reference: OC-2020-1-24496 / Project Coordinator – Prof. Massimo Leone / Full Professor of Semiotics-Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences, University of Turin, Italy; Part-Time Full Professor of Semiotics-Department of Chinese Literature and Language, University of Shanghai, China /

FATIDIC will establish and promote a robust and dynamic network of researchers, stakeholders, and artists whose work fundamentally deals with the topic of the fake at any dimension, and who share, at the same time, the spirit of FATIDIC, the idea that this crucial area of human understanding can be enlightened only through an intensely cross-disciplinary cooperation.

(2) Starting from September 2019, Nicolae-Sorin Drăgan is involved as a member-representative of Romania in the IASS/AIS Executive Committee - He coordinates IASS/AIS projects at national and regional cooperation level -

Projects /Conferences - with ASCL as the official partner