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Center for Research in Communication


The Center for Research in Communication (CRC) is a research institution at the College of Communication and Public Relations (FCRP), a division of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest. The mission of CRC is to develop and support research projects in the area of communication studies and in related fields. A central goal of CRC is to create an international network of researchers and academic institutions with interests in the relevant areas.

The Center coordinates the research labs of the College of Communication, and organizes a number of international conferences and events.

[CRC main website]


The older sites of the CRC labs are archived here:


FCRP has been carrying out the project entitled "Excellence in scientific research. Development of the infrastructure of the scientific research in SNSPA" (EXCELL) (May-December 2022). Within the project, 5 user guides on the main academic social networks have been created. You can find them below:


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