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Applied Semiotics & Communication Lab


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The Applied Semiotics and Communication Lab (ASCL) is the newest laboratory affiliated to the Centre for Research in Communication of the Communication and Public Relations Faculty of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (NUPSPA), Bucharest, Romania.

It aims to promote research in the field of semiotics, to highlight the interdisciplinary aspect of semiotic-type approaches, as well as explore the role and application of semiotic theories in communication sciences. The ASC Lab aims to provide a platform for exploring, contributing and embracing ideas that encourage research methodologies in the field of semiotics in order to develop critical and strategic thinking, innovation and creativity.

Our lab seeks to bring together researchers, scholars and practitioners who share a common interest in semiotics and other related fields: Semiotics & Visual Communication, Sociosemiotics and mediatized public sphere; Multimodality, Semiosis in social interaction, Cultural Semiotics, Political Semiotics, Semiotics & Ethnography, Marketing Semiotics, Semiotics of Education, etc.