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Dumitru Borțun


Professor, PhD

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Dumitru Borțun (b. 1951) has been awarded with the title of Doctor in Philosophy, and he is professor of the Communication and Public Relations Faculty of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (NUPSPA). There, he holds classes on “Semiotics. Language’s Theory”, “Analysis of Public Speech”, “Ethics in Communication”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”, and “Ethics and Responsibility in Business”. He published over 160 essays, studies, articles and interviews in collective volumes, scientific works, and culture magazines, as well as in the daily press. Also, he is the author of many collegiate manuals and books, like The Epistemic Foundations of Communication - Ars Docendi, Bucharest, 2002, and Tritonic, Bucharest, 2013, Public Relations in the New Society - Tritonic, Bucharest, 2005 and 2012, Corporate Social Responsibility: from Public Relations to Sustainable Development (editor) - Tritonic, Bucharest, 2012, Black Tide: Romanian Language under Siege - Tritonic, Bucharest, 2015; Meanings & co. The interdisciplinarity of communication, semiotics and multimodality, Springer International Publishing AG, 2018 (eds., in collaboration with Alin Olteanu and Andrew Stables). Some of his works can be found at and Dumitru Borţun is member in scientific board of Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication (since 2000), Journal of Medicine and Life (since 2008), Interstudia (since 2010), Geopolitica (since 2014), in Genesis College Advisory Board (since 2020), in scientific board of „Alma Mater” Publishing House of University „Vasile Alecsandri” of Bacău (since 2021), etc. În 2021 was granted the Order of Cultural Merit – Knight, category Scientific research, by the Presidency of Romania. Starting with 1995, Dumitru Borţun is one of the founding members of the Romanian Association of Public Relations Professionals, ARRP. The General Assembly of March 2nd 2005 elected him the President of ARRP, and the General Assembly of May 29th 2008 elected him the Chairman of the Honorary Jury of ARRP.



  • Analysis of Public Speech
  • Semiotics. Language’s Theory
  • Ethics in Communication
  • Corporate social responsability