Deadline for the abstract/ panels submission - 31 March 2022

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Denisa-Adriana Oprea


Associate professor, PhD

[email protected]

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After doctoral (University of Laval, Québec, Canada) and postdoctoral studies (Université de Montréal, Canada) in Québec literature, Denisa-Adriana Oprea is a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, SNSPA. She authored many academic articles approaching Québec literature and a book entitled Métaféminisme et postmodernisme chez les romancières québécoises contemporaines : Monique Proulx, Monique LaRue et Marie-Claire Blais (Paris, 2014). After returning in Romania, she has published widely in the field of European studies. She is a founding member of LEMEL, an international research project that studies Europe’s representations in online media. She is also passionate about translations, translating many books from/to French. Her current research interests include interpersonal communication and intercultural communication, media representations of political women, media representations of Europe and Romanian contemporary cinema. Latest publication: Luciana Radut-Gaghi, Denisa-Adriana Oprea,Axel Boursier (eds.) (2017). L’Europe dans les médias en ligne, Paris, L’Harmattan (Humanités numériques).



Communication Theory
Film studies. Film and society: Romanian cinema after 1989
EU Communication Case Studies
Romanian as foreign language (for Erasmus students)