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MA in Communication and EU Affairs

Registration period: July 22 - 27

Please consult regularly the website prior to admissions for updates.


The entrance exam for the Master in Communication and EU Affairs program consists in a interview based on a letter of motivation written in English (750 - 1000 words). The letter will describe the motivation for chosing the MA program, or it will discuss a topic from the bibliography. The interviews will take place on July 29 - 30.


  • Cohn-Bendit, Daniel, Verhofstadt, Guy (2013). Trezeşte-te Europa! Manifest pentru o revoluţie postnaţională în Europa, Bucureşti:
  • Krastev, Ivan (2018). Post Europa. Bucureşti:
  • Luce, Edward (2018). Retragerea liberalismului occidental. Bucureşti:
  • Risse, Thomas (2010). A community of Europeans? Transnational identities and public spheres. Cornell University Press.
  • Soros, George, Schmitz, Gregor Peter (2015). Tragedia Uniunii Europene: Dezintegrare sau renaştere? Bucureşti:

English language proficiency assessment

An assessment of the English proficiency of the candidate will be made during the interview. 


Lecturer, PhD. Denisa OPREA, denisa.oprea[at]