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Grigore Georgiu


Professor, PhD

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Attracted to literature and philosophy, I have passionately studied over the years the world of arts, the cultural phenomenon, the national idea and the European project, the issue of cultural identities, the history of philosophical ideas, artistic currents and styles. In board lines, these are the themes and domains I have closely researched from my student years until today.  My university graduation thesis I approached The Concept of Tragic and the 20th c. Dramaturgy. Further on, I specialized in aesthetics and the philosophy of culture, a subject matter I have taught throughout my university career. I have gradually broadened up my concerns to encompass topics dealing, from the perspective of cultural relativism, with the complex relations between society, culture, language and nation in modern times. I developed the problematic of national and cultural identity in my doctoral thesis: The Philosophical Significance of the Idea of National Specificity. With a Special Look into Lyrical Poetry, which I defended in 1987 at the Faculty of Philosophy, the Bucharest University. After 1990, in the new geopolitical context marked by the renewed interest in national and ethnic identities, I deepened these themes in my synthetic work: Nation, Culture, Identity (the Diogenes Publishing House, 1996). The cultural dimension of European integration, the relations between national and European and the problematic on the emergence of the European cultural identity represent the themes I dealt with in my book: Identity and Integration. From Disjunction to Conjunction (The Publishing House of the Social Theory Institute, the Romanian Academy, 2001). At the SNSPA Department of Communication and Public Relations, I taught two courses, for which I published, at the Publishing House, two encompassing, systematic books: The History of Modern Romanian Culture (463 pages, second edition, 2002) and The Philosophy of Culture. Culture and Communication (364 pages, second edition, 2004).  My latest book having the same publisher is titled: Intercultural Communication. Issues, Approaches, Theories (2010), is especially meant for the master and doctoral students in communication sciences.



  • Culture and communication