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Master in Project Management

Registration period: July 22 - 27

Please consult regularly the website prior to admissions for updates.

Admission exam

Candidates must submit a PowerPoint (ppt/x) presentation, which will then be delivered at the scheduled date. The presentation should be drafted in English and it should tackle one of the suggested topics (see below). Presentations will take place on July 29 - 30.

Structure of the presentation

1. MSc in Project Management
<Candidate name>
<Presentation title>
<Slide 1> (contents)
<Slide 2> (intro, motivation for topic) 
<Slides 3-8> (theoretical section - concepts, definition, models etc.)
<Slides 9-14> (empirical section - research & data, case studies, examples etc.)
<Final slide> (references)

Candidates will use no less than 10, no more than 15 slides in their presentations.

Formatting: Times New Roman, size 18, line spacing 1

References: at least three (3) bibliographical sources (books, articles, websites)

Important note: The PowerPoint presentation will be submitted during the registration period in two (2) printed copies together with the other application documents. On the day of the oral presentation, the students must bring the PowerPoint presentation in electronic format stored on an USB stick. The presentation will be delivered in English. Interview dates will be announced on our website,

Presentation topics

1. Classical & alternative Project Management methods (Scrum, Agile etc.)

2. Implementing Project Management in organizations (benefits, stages, obstacles etc.)

3. The management of the project team.

4. Projects financed by Structural Funds.

These are generic topics; candidates can choose to focus on one or more subtopics.

Suggested bibliography

Comisia Europeană, Project Cycle Management Guidelines, 2004, available at

Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - fifth edition, PMI, 2013

Stiglitz, Joseph, The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future. W. W. Norton & Company, 2012

Turner, Rodney. (eds.). Gower Handbook of Project Management (4th edition). Gower Publishing, 2007

Note: This is a minimal bibliography; candidates are encouraged to include other relevant sources when preparing their presentations. Preregistered candidates (see Preregistration in the Admissions Brochure) may ask for assistance in accessing bibliographic resources and preparing their presentations.

English language proficiency: This will be evaluated during the oral presentation.


Associate Professor, PhD. Loredana Radu, MBA, PMP loredana.radu[at]